Hercules Panel

40x40 rails
25mmx25mm square tube with pressed spear top

Dimensions Price
2400x2100 available on request

Hercules security fence post

powder coated posts
available in 65x65x2 and 75x75x3
caps also available

Dimensions Price
65x65x2.0@3.0m long available on request
65mm cap available on request
75x75x3 @3.0m long avaialable on request
75mm cap available on request

hercules security fence lugs and screws

Hercules security fence lugs and screws
available in 40x40 single lug and 40x40side fit

Dimensions Price
40x40 single lug bracket available on request
40x40 side fit brackets available on request
12x20mm tek screws available on request

hercules security fencing Gates

standard swing gates for Hercules security fencing

Dimensions Price
2100x1000 available on request

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